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Product details and specifications subject to change without notice

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 Review our product pages, and start figuring out how you can save money, improve your life style and protect the planet at the same time.  By powering your operation twenty four seven with solar hydrogen!

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Details and Specifications of Hysolgenics Products subject to change without notice

NEWEST HySolGenics Product

HSG-FS-1kW  This small portable solar hydrogen system provides hydrogen fuel at 4,500 psi (310 Bar) for filling small tanks for small portable fuel cell applications, such as fuel cell drones.

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HySolGenics Disaster Relief system

HSG-PSDR-5kW  The transportable SHDRS rapidly provides electrical power, clean water, hot showers and hydrogen cooking for the support of up to one hundred people after a weather disaster. See the specifications here!  See SHDRS video here!


Value proposition

HySolGenics is a startup company now introducing solar hydrogen power systems in the kilowatt to twenty kilowatt sizes. In today’s world, with limited power grids disrupted by extreme weather, social conflict, war or remote location, the ability to control your own power destiny is extremely valuable.

HySolGenics Value proposition is as follows:

1. HySolGenics systems are constructed of recyclable materials and operate totally     pollution free, requiring only sunlight and water to create and store unlimited     quantities of hydrogen fuel.

2. HySolGenics systems are optimized for transport to nearly any location and can     be set up for operation within minutes.

3. HySolGenics supplies everything you need to start using solar hydrogen to power    your remote home, business, work site, camp site or medical facility.

If you need energy security due to weather, intermittent grid service or remote location, review our products  and contact today!