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HySolGenics also sells independent electrolyzer modules for those customers who just want hydrogen fuel and provide their own storage or for immediate use systems. The HySolGenics electrolyzers come in three basic sizes with varying voltage requirements and hydrogen fuel out put rates.

HSG-FS-EL-1kW electrolyzer. This stack is 9 X 9 X 12 inches and produces one kilowatt-hour of hydrogen fuel per hour.

HSG-PS-1 to 5 kW electrolyzer. This unit produces up to five kilowatt-hours of hydrogen fuel per hour

HSG-NPS-5 to 20 kW electrolyzer produces up to twenty kilowatt- hours of hydrogen fuel per hour

The electrolyzers can be packaged independently and can include water and hydrogen gas filtering to produce 99.95 fuel cell grade hydrogen fuel. The electrolyzer system pressures vary from thirty psi (2 Bar) to fifty psi (3.4 Bar) at the output. The system voltages vary from 12.5 to 50 volts DC. The units are all alkaline systems for the greatest efficiency and lowest cost.