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HySolGenics, Inc. introduces a full range of solar powered hydrogen fuel generators. These units require only sunlight and water to operate and provide endless pollution free hydrogen fuel for your home or small business.

HySolGenics systems are transportable to nearly any location and can be set up and produce hydrogen fuel within minutes. The hydrogen fuel can be stored indefinitely and converted back into electricity with fuel cells or into heat with hydrogen burners. (See fuel cells here) (see hydrogen Burners here)

HySolGenics systems are all powered by deployable fan fold solar arrays and carry on board water supplies and hydrogen storage tanks, making them completely independent of any grid connections yet capable of providing electrical and heat power around the clock.

HySolGenics Products Page

HSG-NPS-20 kW. This Natural Power System  produces up to 20 kW-hrs of hydrogen fuel per hour. Sufficient hydrogen fuel to power a large home or small business. See the spec sheet and suggested uses here.

HSG-PS-5kW. The personal  system is sized to provide  hydrogen fuel and electricity for a home,  small business or remote  industrial site. See the spec  sheet and suggested uses  here.

HSG-FS-1kW- This small 1kW system produces and stores hydrogen fuel to fill high pressure tanks for small fuel cell powered systems. See the spec sheet and suggested uses here.

HySolGenics builds these power units to order to ensure that the system is complete for the customers use. Electrical solar array inputs and fuel cell outputs can be configured for 12, 24 and 48 Volts DC and 115, 240 Volts AC at 50 or 60 hertz.

HySolGenics other products

ELECTROLYZER MODULES:  one to twenty kilowatt-hours of hydrogen fuel per hour. Make your own hydrogen fuel anywhere there is a solar, wind or grid power source

“POWERPACK”: Portable hydrogen fuel cell generator. Take your cool silent and emissions free power source to any location to enjoy radio/video/music, night illumination and emissions free hydrogen cooking.

FUEL CELL DRONE: (Under development) These drones run on hydrogen fuel and enjoy a flying time measured in hours instead of minutes.

SH COLD BOX: The solar hydrogen cold box is a unique food preservation device that gets its power from the sun with on board integrated solar arrays and provides day and night cold storage. The unit comes in a twenty foot connex type container and can be a stand alone store or integrated as a cold storage area in and existing store front.

HYDROGEN APPLIANCES: Appliances are under development for hydrogen cooktops, ovens, refrigerators, water heaters, barbeques, etc.

FAN FOLD SOLAR ARRAYS: These man portable fan fold solar arrays come as kilowatt units, configured as 12, 24, or 48 volts DC to suit the application.

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