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Hydrogen fuel cells are still an expensive item, but their use is growing as more and more applications find that the standby effect of a tank of hydrogen and a fuel cell is a lower cost and more reliable solution than an engine generator or battery bank. For telcom backup, fork lift material movers and mining vehicles fuel cell power has provided lower costs and superior performance.

Air cooled fuel cells are practical up to five kilowatts. Above five kilowatts liquid cooling is required making the system more complicated but also more robust.

The leading company in making fuel cells available to the public is Horizon Fuel Cell of Singapore. They sell a full range of air cooled units up to five kilowatts.

Horizon 100 watt fuel cell stack

Horizon one kilowatt stack

Horizon five kilowatt stack

Powercell 5 to 25 kW stack

Powercell 1 to 6 kW stack

Powercell of Sweden has a full range of compact water cooled fuel cells from one to twenty five kilowatts.

Ballard Fuel Cells of Canada has air cooled stacks up to 3.3 kW and water cooled stacks up to twenty two kilowatts.

Ballard .45 to 3.3 kW air cooled stack

Ballard 4 to 22 kW water cooled stack