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HySolGenics Fan Fold Solar Arrays are modular units of one kilowatts power.

The units fan fold up into a compact package with dimensions of

42.0 in wide X 21 inches tall X 5.0 inches deep.

(107 cm wide) X (53 cm tall) X ( 13 cm deep ).

Weight: _____lbs (_______kg) per fan fold

The solar array is 20% efficient at capturing sunlight and turning it into electricity.

The one kilowatt fan fold solar array units can be configured for;

17.54 Volts X 57 Amps  

36 Volts X 28.5 Amps

52.6 Volts X 17.1 Amps

Time to unfold and plug in to the buss cable= three minutes.

Buss cable 26 ft long with connections relative to system voltage.

Area required per fan fold 61.25 square feet (1.73 square meters)

HySolGenics President Robert Saiz with  the solar hydrogen disaster relief system demo s fan fold array.

HSG-PS-5kW with fully deployed six kilowatts of fan fold solar array. This array system can be unfolded and deployed or folded up and returned to the unit in under fifteen minutes.