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The HSG-FS-1kW  is small transportable solar hydrogen fueling system that includes its own fan fold solar arrays. This system can be easily transported to any location. An individual can display the fan fold solar arrays, add distilled water and have the system producing HYDROGEN FUEL in less than fifteen minutes. The HSG-FS-1kW system includes compression and storage and allows the filling of small, high pressure hydrogen tanks for smaller fuel cell systems.

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Suggested uses

HSG-FS-1kW can fill small one liter to six point seven liter tanks to 4,500 psi (310 Bar). This provides up to two cubic meters of hydrogen fuel which contains six kilowatt hours of energy.

Most small fuel cell driven devices, such as drones, wheel chairs, electric bikes, small fishing boats, etc. require 200 to 500 watts and at most a kilowatt of power.

Small fuel cells operate at 50-60% efficiency, depending on how hard they are pushed. Therefore at 500 watts your small device fuel cell can run for six hours.

Refilling a small tank takes only a few minutes with the HSG-FS-1kW system.

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