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The Natural Power System utilizes only sunlight and water to produce and store hydrogen fuel. It is totally constructed of recycle-able materials and emits minimal noise and zero pollution.

System Sizes                               5 kW     10kW     15kW     20kW

Input requirements

NPS system solar power inputs in

1 kilowatt fan fold array modules     7 kW        14kW        18kW         26kW

Water consumption                     0.3 gal/hr  0.6 gal/hr  0.9 gal/hr   1.2gal/hr

                                              (1.13 L/hr) (2.26L/hr)  (3.4L/hr)  (4.54L/hr)

Power out puts:

Hydrogen fuel production ( compressed and stored at 3,600 psi ( 245 Bar)    

Cubic meters per hour                   1.66          3.34         4.98          6.64

Kilograms per hour                       0.15          0.30         0.45           0.6

Cubic Feet per hour                      58.61         118          176           234


HySolGenics solar hydrogen power systems have a million uses all across the globe.


The HSG-NPS-20kW solar hydrogen fuel power system provides sufficient hydrogen fuel on a daily basis to fill a fuel cell automobile and power a home fuel cell.

1. The HSG-NPS-20kW system can provide clean, quiet power to any remote site     such as:

A. A scout wilderness camp.

B. A remote religious community.

D. Remote fishing village or hunting lodge.

C. Remote well pump operation for agriculture.

D. Remote stripper well pump operation for oil wells.

E. Remote military installation.

F. Remote medical installation.

G. Remote island surfing camp.

H. Resort operation of light transporation fleets of scooter and lake boats.

I. Golf resort extended operation for golf carts.

J. Remote mining operation.

K. Industrial people mover operation.

Etc. Any remote location that needs electrical or heat power and benefits                  by eliminating noise and local air pollution and fuel transporation.