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HSG-PS-5kW is a five kilowatt-hr/hr solar hydrogen fuel generation system.

SYSTEM SIZES  kilowatts-hrs/hr                        1.25                     2.5                       5

Solar Inputs in onboard 1kW fan fold arrays        2.0                   3.5                    7

Water requirement      (gallons/ hr)                   0.07                 0.14                 0.28

                                 ( liters/hr)                    0.264                0.53                 1.11

Hydrogen fuel outputs (cubic meters/hr)            0.416                0.83                 1.67

                              ( cubic feet/hr                 14.69               29.3                  58.6

                              ( kilograms/hr)                0.013               0.026                0.05

Hydrogen fuel  storage (kilograms)                    3.0                   3.0                   3.0

Fuel Cell Power           (kilowatts)                      1                      2                      5  

Electrical outputs        Three 12 Volt DC connections, two 115 Volt AC connections

Hydrogen fuel output:  five psi (0.34 Bar) to 15 psi (1.0 Bar) to accessories.

Hydrogen charging hose and nozzle at 200 psi (13.6 Bar) for hydride tanks.

Hydrogen charging hose and nozzle at 4,500 psi (310 Bar) for automotive tanks.

Trailer Transport: six foot long by four feet wide, single axle.

Trailer stabilizers: fifteen degrees tilt accommodation.

Stationary system size: six foot long by four foot wide by five foot high.



The HSG-PS-5kW is a personal system, providing sufficient hydrogen fuel to meet the needs of a family or small business at any location around the world.

1. The primary use for the HSG-PS-5kW is as a backup in areas around the world     where the electricity grid is insufficient or intermittent. Running backup power     with  a diesel generator causes excessive noise, local air pollution and a high     fuel cost where as owning a HSG-PS-5kW personal system allows you to enjoy     a fully powered lifestyle with zero noise, zero local pollution and zero fuel cost.

2. Second level uses for the HSG-PS-5kW personal hydrogen system are for     temporary remote locations. If you need power at a remote home, camp ground     or work site, it is easy to tow the HSG-PS-5kW and within minutes set it up and     be enjoying pure electrical power and hydrogen heat.

3. Third level use is for disaster recovery. If your location had endured extreme     weather conditions, local area unrest or combat the HSG-PS-5KW can provide     fresh drinking water, showers, hydrogen cooking and heating and electricity for     communications, lighting, pumping, entertainment and any other requirement     that can help life return to normal.