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Product details and specifications subject to change without notice

Inputs Required:

Sunshine: Collected by deployed fan fold solar array (500 Watts to 6.000 Watts)

Water: Pumped from any source and filtered by the system to deionized electrolyzer purity.

Outputs and options:

1. Solar and fuel cell electricity; 12 Volt DC, 115 Volt AC, USB charge ports.

2. Hydrogen fuel: Hydride tank filler (200 psi), pressure tank filler (2.200 psi), Fuel     Cell Automobile hose available (10,000 psi).

3. LED Area lighting - top mounted.

4. Communications: CB (citizens band) radio, Satellite WIFI hot spot.  

5. Electric car charger: Automotive standard electric car charging plug. (110 Volt).

6. Fresh water spigot: Filtered water to 100 gallons per day.

7. Hydrogen cook top / barbeque : able to cook ten chickens per day

8. Hot Water heater: For medical sterilization, optional shower stall.

9. Auxillary water pump: for transferring water up to five hundred gallons per day

10 Auxiliary air pressure pump: for inflatables, such as air mattresses, rescue boats.            

                      HSG-PS-5kW configured as the

HySolGenics Solar Hydrogen Disaster Relief System

HySolGenics 5 kW Solar Hydrogen Disaster Relief System can support up to too 100 persons indefinitely after a major weather disaster.

Unit details and specifications are subject to change without notice.

Filter Module BbGj6M2hY

Below are urls for videos showing the operation of the modules of the Solar Hydrogen Disaster Relief System.

Electrolyzer Module VPh-2Ugws

Electrical Module

Cooking Peripheral