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Fuel Cell Autos: Major car companies, Hyundai, Toyota, Honda, Daimler Benz, Ford, etc. are beginning to produce fuel cell powered cars. The major drawback  is the lack of hydrogen fueling stations. However governments in Japan, Germany, Korea California and New York are subsidizing the construction of fueling stations which will number in the hundreds by 2025 and five thousand stations are projected around the world by 2035.

Other Electric Fuel Cell Transportation:  Transportation propulsion systems are turning to fuel cell electrical power to eliminate carbon emissions and reduce the cost of operation. Fuel cell Trains, Trams, Ferries, Buses, Air planes and even submarines. Prototyping has been completed for hydrogen FC bicycles, motorcycles, ATVs, Golf carts, small boats etc. The limitation for the production of all this hydrogen transportation is the lack of availability of hydrogen fuel.

Energy storage

The best way to store large quantities of solar or wind energy is to convert it into hydrogen gas through the process of electrolysis of water. Megawatt wind plants are successfully utilizing their excess production to create hydrogen gas an store it in the existing natural gas pipelines.

The two major markets for hydrogen fuel cells running on hydrogen fuel have been:

The fork lift truck market which has been supplied with over 40,000 fork lifts and other material movers where the battery systems have been replaced by hydrogen fuel cells, offering a host of money making benefits.

The telcom backup market, where a tank of hydrogen gas and a fuel cell as a standby backup greatly outperform a battery bank in terms of reliability and service cost.

Auxiliary Energy

A growing use of hydrogen fuel is to power fuel cells that operate as auxiliary power systems for large transportation devices such as passenger airplanes, ships and long haul trucks. All these large transportation devices have added greatly to global pollution by continuing to run their main engines while they were stopped to provide power for passenger comfort. By adding hydrogen fuel cells to these large transportation units that run while the units are in port or on airfield or parked.

This hydrogen use eliminates large quantities of local air pollution, saves fuel costs and extends the life of the main engines.

Future Uses for hydrogen fuel

Hydrogen fuel can replace every carbon fuel use for the production of electrical power, mobility and heat.

The limitation has been the lack of locally available hydrogen fuel. This is the gap the HySolGenics is filling with its low cost solar hydrogen systems.